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What is drugs and how do they effect me.

Drugs are chemical substances usually organic, however some inorganic drugs do exist such as Lithium salts (used to threat manic depression) whats organic? you might be asking if you’re a total noob to the world of drugs! Organic means that the molecule contains carbon and more then one carbon atom. and inorganic means that the molecule contains either one carbon atom or no carbon atoms at all.

Drugs are interacting with certain receptors, enzymes or pathways in the body and brain of humans. or bacteria (even though they don’t have a brain hehe)

the aim of this blog is to provide relevant information about what receptors, enzymes or pathways the different drugs target as well as the active site data about these! whats the active site you might be asking? The active site is the binding pocket on the bio target molecule. As well as the effect of the drugs.


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